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Email security training

Release date:2021-03-15 | Browse times:424

On March 12, 2021, Baotou Sande Battery Materials Co., Ltd. Personnel and General Affairs Department organized a mailbox safety training in the multimedia lecture hall on the third floor. This training is an important part of the company’s security training. In order to further strengthen the awareness of the safe use of mailboxes for all levels of personnel, improve the awareness of phishing and fraudulent email prevention, strengthen the use skills, and lay a good foundation for the safe use of the company’s mailboxes and make the mailbox safe. Consciousness is deeply rooted in people's hearts.


This training class received great attention from the company's leaders, and the mailbox users in all departments of the company also gave strong support. The main content of the training includes two links: safety of use and matters of use. It focuses on how to prevent phishing emails, keeping in mind the six not, and not forgetting the eight habits.


Our company continues to grow and expand, and pay more and more attention to the training of personnel safety awareness. Email security training is an important guideline for employees to gradually become familiar with the network security environment, adapt to the company's network security regulations, and accurately grasp their own security awareness.