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Baotou SANTOKU Battery Materials Co., Ltd., established in 2001, is a Sino-foreign joint venture co-invested by Inner Mongolia High-tech Holding Co., Ltd. and Japan SANTOKU. It is located at Rare Earth High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Baotou, Inner Mongolia. The registered capital is RMB56 million and the total investment reaches RMB112, 000,000. 

We have served high-end domestic and foreign enterprises with excellent product performance and steady supply batch, built up a good reputation. Our company was certified to ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System in 2003, ISO14001 Environmental Management System in 2005 and identified as “High-tech Enterprise” by Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 2009.

Based on the rare earth application technology of Japan SANTOKU and its related patents, our company takes rich rare earth resources in Baotou as main raw materials and introduces the sophisticated equipment. We have boasted a core competence integrating material supply, technical support and equipment guarantee. 

With a design capacity of 5100 tons / year, there are Hydrogen Storage Alloy Manufacturing Department, SmCo Manufacturing Department and Mg-base Hydrogen Storage Alloy Manufacturing Department in our company. The final product is mainly hydrogen storage alloy powder (various specifications available), an anode material special for NI-MH battery and NI-MH energy storage equipment. The traditional AB5 hydrogen storage alloy powder is made in Alloy Manufacturing Department; the SmCo alloy powder and LaCe Metal are made and re-melted in SmCo Manufacturing Department. A2B7 hydrogen storage alloy powder is made in M alloy Manufacturing Department (established in 2013) which has the advantage of ultralow self-discharge and high energy storage. 

Our products including high-capacity, high and low temperature, low self-discharge, power or dynamical type hydrogen storage alloy powder, which are applicable to NI-MH battery and energy storage equipment for the civil, industrial, HEV uses.

The company's management adheres to the "three virtues" social motto of "for the country, the people, and ourselves": one virtue is to make good use of abundant light rare earth resources; the second virtue is to provide consumers with safe and green new energy; the third virtue That is to create wealth. "Using reasonable light rare earths, creating safe and green new energy, and achieving greater wealth" is the company's development goal.